Advanced readers may devour books, but may miss out on all that the author intended, therefore teaching them to read more like an author, opens their eyes to what they have been missing!
— The Reading Gal

Advanced readers may feel like reading is no longer a challenge, therefore increasing their analytical ability makes it no longer about simply reading the words, but about understanding the nuanced meanings woven into each piece.  Teaching them to read like an author, allows them to notice and appreciate the writing style, the voice of the author, the abstract concepts as well as the selected word choice.  Additionally, reading like an author empowers them to be able to follow parallel, and more complex story lines, as well as appreciate the stylistic decisions made by the author.  

Advanced readers may be able to read books significantly above their grade level, however due to their age, they may not have the background knowledge or overall maturity level to fully grasp the context of the book or the historical undertones.  Similarly, advanced readers may be able to decode words in their books, but may not know the actual or contextual meanings, consequently, missing out on overall understanding of the text.  My role would be to help provide the tools they need in order to deepen their overall understanding of the text.  

Throughout our tutoring sessions, I will build rapport with the reader, and listen to his or her interests and concerns.  I will work with the reader to build a stronger vocabulary base, provide steps to break down tricky words to understand meaning, discuss writing styles, and provide skills for understanding the overall context of books.  I will work with them on the speed of their reading, to help adjust the speed to maximize understanding.  

I am also able to introduce advanced readers to new genres, authors or to the classics to help diversify their interests and prepare them for their courses in high school and college.  

Please contact me today for a free 30-minute meet and greet, so I can talk with you and the reader to see how I can help him or her slow down and dig deeper into the books they are reading!

Statistics about Advanced Reader:

  • Only 6% of Nevada 4th grade readers scored in the Advanced category (NAEP, 2015).
  • Only 2% of Nevada 8th grade readers scored in the Advanced category (NAEPT, 2015).
  • The average ACT score in Nevada was 17.4 out of 36 (DOE, 2017).

I am happy to provide scholarly, peer-reviewed research to support these statements and statistics, upon request.