2019 RATES

(rates are subject to change)


30-minute Meet and Greet                                       FREE                                                        

Introductory Session (1.5 hours)                               $125.00

1-hour in home session                                             $75.00                                           

Each additional child (maximum 4 per session)       $50.00


Payments are received via cash, check, Venmo and Paypal

Introductory session includes multiple reading assessments to accurately determine present reading level(s), reading interest inventory, reading motivation questionnaire, discussion with reader about their reading history, their interests, their concerns, and more. 

1-hour in-home tutoring sessions include targeted instruction and practice for the areas of concern as determined by assessment and as laid out in the action plan. I will bring all materials for the tutoring sessions.  In order to reach the determined reading goals, individual practice by the reader is essential (this will all be explained in the plan of action).  The $75 per hour rate includes travel costs to your home or to the location of your choosing.